Alright, stop, collaborate and listen.

Ice is back and a killing freeze is on the way for most of North Dakota and including Bismarck.  Copywrite Vanilla Ice "Ice Ice Baby."  Expect freeze warnings to be issued for most of the state.

A pretty substantial cold front is moving into the state late tonight, and that is going to bring in the coldest air that we've seen so far this fall.

Gusty northwest winds are going to usher in low temps in the mid-30s overnight tonight in Bismarck Mandan.  Thursday's high temperatures are certainly going to feel like fall with highs maxing out in the upper 40s.

The Killing Freeze will take place Thursday night for much of North Dakota.

You can expect overnight lows to be in the mid-20s for Bismarck Mandan.  This will put an end to the growing season but on the bright side, it will hopefully send some of these insects like grasshoppers, mosquitos, and wasps straight to hell.

I know I'm still trying to grow some grass in my barren wasteland of a yard south of Lincoln, North Dakota, where it seems like grass is more like a commodity.  That's okay, I only dropped $149 for a 25-pound bag of premium grass seed.

After this killing freeze does it mean we're going to start getting colder?

Nope, the long-range forecast still shows temps average to above average with little or no precipitation over the next 10 days.  Hopefully, we'll see some rain in the near future for the fire danger if nothing less, as things are starting to get pretty dry over most of the state.

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