Spiritual community in North Dakota

You might be surprised to learn that there's a fairly large spiritual community in North Dakota...and it has been growing over the past 15 years. I caught up with one psychic medium, who is currently living in Fargo. Jodie Harvala, says there’s a lot to know.

What is a “Psychic Medium”?

Well, Jodie Harvala told me, for her, it’s the ability to read energy. Not only that, but she also says …she can talk to dead people. More on that in a sec. She says something you should know is that the gift can be different from one psychic medium to another.

How did it happen?

Do you just wake up one day and suddenly have this ability? Harvala says that wasn’t the case for her. She said she discovered her gift after turning 30, but she always had great intuition and was very sensitive to her emotions. She said she even got a reading from another psychic, who told her she would one day be doing what she was doing and find her own psychic abilities.

So, how does it work?

Harvala says she can read energy and emotions from a person.

“Lets say someone is struggling with something I can feel where its sitting in the body and start to talk about that emotion.”

She says she uses her gift to creat awareness, and does something called “Energy clearing." Energy clearing is something you can do with both a person’s body and home."

Any misconceptions?

I’d like to take a moment to clear the air, myself. Harvala says just because you’re a psychic medium, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can read people’s minds. She also says a lot of people think mediums are evil, but that’s simply, not true.

…And talking to the dead?

Harvala says she can talk to people who have crossed over. She says it’s not like talking on a phone; it’s subtle. She even told me that she has visions, and can also feel things they want to say in her body. Personally, I would think that’s a little scary, but Harvala says she thinks it’s incredible.

Something else to know…

Harvala is making her way to Bismarck for a special event. It’s called the “Souls Of Spirit Spiritual & Holistic Expo”. It will be held at the Bismarck AmVets April 2nd from 10am to 5pm. There, energy healers, spirituality resources, health professionals, and intuitive consultants will get together and share their expertise.


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