Have you ever wondered if certain phrases rang true? Let me give you an example - "Lightning NEVER strikes the same place TWICE" - well that is false, in reality, lightning can and will strike the same place twice. If you are curious, the odds of being hit by lightning TWICE are one in nine million. How about this one, is it possible to get hit by a Hurricane - TWICE? You can ask a Mott, North Dakota, native that question and he will tell you "Yes"

Jeffrey Peterson now calls Sulphur, Louisiana. home, back in September Hurricane Laura paid an unwanted visit, he got lucky with just some shingles and a fence were blown around his home. His family-owned business did not escape lightly, as it was thrashed in pieces. Seven weeks later another Hurricane came calling - Jefferey and his family prepared for the worst as Delta came closer - another Hurricane about ready to hit the same place twice. KFYR talked to Jeffrey about the second going around "We boarded up just like we did before. We did that on Thursday and then Friday was just a waiting game"   Imagine if you can, listening to the winds just outside your home roaring by like a freight train. High winds of over 100 mph and rainfall in double digits damaged parts of the Peterson home. “And those gusts pushed in on our doors, and pushed in on our windows. This time we had water in the house that we did not have before,”  

The Peterson family now working hard to restore their home, Jeff is unsure if the help and resources will come back, after volunteering to restore communities from Hurricane Laura. His attitude is strong, and he credits his North Dakota upbringing for his ability to rebuild.

Lightning strikes twice, and so does Hurricanes. For more on this story click here.


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