When was the last time you watched a movie that moved you?

A film that made you think, a kind of film that isn't talked about very much at all - for one major reason, it may be so dark that most of us can't even comprehend. There is a movie director from New York that is planning on diving into the eerie, sinister world of human trafficking - his name is Ejaz Khan. You might remember that name from the last movie he made, which was filmed in Linton, North Dakota, called "Before They Vanished" - Here is the thing about creative filmmakers, they are always looking for their next project, and THIS one took place involving a young lady and her experience with being sexually assaulted - he met her while he was in Linton.

So what exactly is Human Trafficking?

It is almost a form of kidnapping - young women, a lot of them, have had a semi-troubled childhood, maybe they came from a broken home, and insensitive people become involved with them, and before you know it they are basically being used for "sexual favors" for money, which is given to whoever is running their operation. For most of us, it's beyond our imagination that young girls/women could allow themselves to be in such a horrific situation, but the common thread is they feel powerless. A friend of mine on Facebook has been a huge help to me, she has met Ejaz, and knows just how powerful this movie could be, a dark topic that people don't really want to talk about. The movie is scheduled to start shooting next month. Kxnet.com reported that Khan had this to say about his project called "Trapped" - “It’s here and we just put a blind eye to it and I believe that it should be known and it should be stopped,” Here is a quick look: 
Ejaz Khan Cinema YouTube

His goal is to premiere the movie in September or October - and check this out, Ejaz wants to fly one lucky person out to New York for a three-day stay in a hotel, for the “Trapped” premiere. you can enter here

Here is some more info as well:

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Do some research on human trafficking, it WILL open your eyes.

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