A West Fargo school received a threat of a school shooting via Snapchat.

According to Valley News Live, Cheney Middle School in West Fargo received a threat of a school shooting via Snapchat. Valley News Live also published that families received regarding the matter. The snap was in a group chat and was reported. Cheney Middle School went to distance learning on December 7, while West Fargo Police investigate the matter.

There has been a scary amount of school shooting-related stories out of North Dakota recently.

Since October of this year, alone, I can think of three other instances where there was a story about a shooting or threats of a shooting. On October 4, a student in Hettinger walked into a classroom and shot themself in front of a class. On November 25 it was reported that someone was going to shoot up DL High School - it was unclear if the threat was meant for Devils Lake or Detroit Lakes. And then, on November 29, a student brought a gun in their backpack to a Fargo elementary school. The gun was confiscated without injuries.

What needs to be done to end these horrifying events at schools?

Stories involving guns always stir up arguments from both sides of the gun debate. I am pro-gun, but even stories about threats are unbelievably horrifying. Guns may not kill people, but people kill people. And the people who are bringing guns to school or even making threats should face harsh punishment. One day, we could have our very own horror stories like Columbine, Sandy Hook, and now Michigan.

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