I can't even comprehend the magnitude of the coronavirus. Sure I hear the growing statistics of lives lost, I"m also aware of just how damaging this has been to our local economy. The reality of this whole thing is hard to swallow, there is no specific vaccine or medicine for COVID-19. This is everything I know, from afar. I'm not directly in the middle of the madness, unlike Kristen Renner. She works at CHI St. Alexius Health. She is putting herself out there, taking risks, and doing what she can do to treat the patients that come down with the virus. She is an example of so many heroes we have here at home, who are dedicated to run TOWARDS the dangerous environment, instead of seeking safer shelter. This what our "First Responder Recognition" is all about.

There is more info on our web page-965thefox.com, on how you can nominate someone, like Kristen, who are unselfish and strong. Click here for more on this remarkable person.



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