57.6% of North Dakota nursing homes are turning away new potential residents.

Inforum reports that, out of 200 North Dakota nursing homes, 57.6% of them are no longer accepting new residents because of staffing issues. It is also reported that staffing issues could get worse if vaccines are mandated for North Dakota nursing home employees. The executive director of North Dakota Long Term Care Association even told the Inforum that administrators are even cooking and cleaning these days.


Like most businesses, staffing shortages are a problem at North Dakota nursing homes.

Staffing shortages, in general, suck for everyone. But staffing shortages at stores and restaurants are a lot easier to handle than shortages at medical establishments. Especially when it comes to long-term life care. I can only imagine how stressful it is for the families who are reportedly calling all around the state to find their elderly loved ones a place to live out the rest of their lives.


Some people desperately need to be in nursing homes in order to get the proper care.

When I was in high school and college, my parents took care of both my grandmother and my great uncle at the end of their lives. My great uncle eventually had to live in a nursing home because it became impossible for my working parents to care for him. But it was what was best for him.

It is a lot of work to take care of an elderly person. And it is not an easy decision for someone to put their loved one in a nursing home. But, sometimes, there really is no other option. So, what do the families who are being turned away supposed to do? They are not putting their elderly loved ones in homes because they want to be rid of them - it is likely because it is best for the elderly person.


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