It's the weekend after Thanksgiving.  While many people are shopping, hoping to get great deals and find just the right gift for people on their Christmas list, others are decorating outside.

Since it is a pretty nice Saturday for late November, we take advantage of having no snow, it's not too cold out, and best of all.....No Wind!!     We dig out ladders,  zip ties, extension cords, electronic timers, garlands, blow-up Santas and snowmen, and of course, lights.

Last spring when the lights came down and got put away, they were all working.  They were nicely coiled up and placed in their spot until now.  It is amazing how over the summer, some unknown force took over.   You haul your stuff outside, you grab your lights that are now all tangled up, so you stop and figure out the mess. Plus it is always important to test the lights before getting them outside.   Plug them in and TADA...they light up.

Now to create your holiday display.  Some people have trees in their yards that they light up.  Others string lights along the roof. Some decorate shrubs in the yard, some people invest in blow-up decorations.  Others have Nativity Scenes or Snowmen or Santas in their yards.  Some just wrap some lights around their railing and call it good.

After creating your masterpiece for this year, you turn it on...but wait...why is it not lighting up? It was working inside the house 30 minutes ago, you go thru all your connections(think Christmas Vacation and Clark Griswold) and there you see it...your automatic timer is off.  Turn it on and YES! It looks beautiful.

Don't forget to share a picture of your decorations to our station app or could win a $500 shopping spree from Haycreek Shops and Townsquare Media.

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