Not surprisingly, with a few inches of snow on the ground and more continuing to fall, the North Dakota Department of Transportation has issued a Travel Alert for the area.

A travel alert means that motorists can still travel in the area but road conditions could change at anytime. Anyone driving should do so with precaution and should drive using reduced speeds.

North Central and Central North Dakota received snow Sunday night into Monday and depending on where you live, areas received between an inch to a foot of snow.

More snow is expected to fall throughout Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

A Travel Alert is the least severe warning that the North Dakota Department of Transportation can issue. Sometimes the department will issue No Travel Advised which is self-explanatory. Under these conditions, even snow plows may be pulled from the roads for their safety.

In the most severe cases, the Highway Department will block or close roads which means motorists could be fined for being out on the roads.

For now though, a travel alert is in effect and drivers should proceed with extreme caution. It is also important to note that even though your car may drive really well in the snow, not every car on the road is up to the task. Do not tailgate under any circumstance but especially in these conditions.

UPDATE 11:04AM: The Travel Alert has been extended to include portions of northwest North Dakota including New Town, Bowbells, Stanley, and Tioga due to snow and blowing snow creating reduced visibility and some areas of compacted snow or ice on roadways.

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