It's not fair to compare our city or state to others

A friend of mine is from North Dakota and has spent over 40 years dealing with the unfriendly cold weather, the LOOONG months of snow, and the gloomy days of just flat-out depressing bone-aching days - now personally I would think that a person who has experienced it all out here, would somehow get used to it, but that's not true. My friend wants to move - ANYWHERE, but here.

I'm from San Diego, California, where if the temps drop below 50 degrees it's the lead story in the news

You know that old saying "If someone gave me a dollar every time a person would say to me..." well this rings true for me. I would be RICH if that payment opportunity was given to me for this old line "SO WHY did you move out to North Dakota? Are you wanted by the law?" Of course, that answer would be no. I started thinking though, "Why do we live in Bismarck North Dakota?"  - the answers I got back from people didn't surprise me one bit.

Friendly people, cost of living, and more of a laid-back feel

I asked a co-worker just that simple question - "Why do you live in Bismarck, North Dakota?"  - he came out from another state ( like I did ) for employment and eventually discovered that in general most people are friendly and the pace of life is laid-back. I won't even mention the HUGE differences in the cost of living. Plus one in my mind that is absolutely true - "North Dakota Nice"  - That's not a myth.


That's something 100% of all of us are asking every passing day.


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