Feist Electronics began in the late 1970's as Feist TV & Electronics, a sole proprietorship in Bismarck, ND. Even in the early days, service was the most important asset of the electronic business, something that still proves true today at Feist Electronics. Mr. Feist was a service man who also sold televisions and built his business around a solid reputation of providing top quality televisions backed up with local repair, customer service, and instruction.

The family business quickly grew and more of Mr. Feist's family became involved. The service department needed another technician to help with the expanding repair business and soon hired a young man who was working in Harvey, ND.

During the late 80s, they combined the two locations in order to bring together a full staff that could serve customers more efficiently and effectively than ever before. This proved to be a good decision as they outgrew their location and moved into the space next door, nearly tripling the amount of room for their business.

Mr. Feist's son bought into the business and within a couple of years opened a location in Mandan, where another technician was hired fresh out of college. The business continued to grow, and over the years had many family members and other employees become part of the "Feist " family. They increased their product line to include such items as VCRs, video cameras and video disc players, and setting up the first movie rental place in Bismarck. Always on the cutting edge of technology, the Feists introduced many new consumer electronic products to the area including home theater systems, laser disc players and camcorders.

As the years went by, the Feists decided it was time to retire from the business. So they sold it to the two technicians that had been hired nearly from the beginning. The two new owners Clarence Sayler and Daryl Rosenau moved the business to its current location of 225 West Broadway, where they still sell top quality televisions from Sony plus video DVD players/recorders and surround sound systems backed up with local repair, customer service, delivery, and setup and customer instruction along with Audio/Video Production.

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