Holidays come and go, but Thanksgiving memories should be all about spending time with family, not fatal ones

For one day at least, in our world, 24 hours should be nice and peaceful, surrounded by family and loved ones. Unfortunately for one Minnesota family, the loss of a 5-year-old boy will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

An older child holding a weapon, intended on making a video for social media

According to "A 5-year-old in Brooklyn, Park, Minnesota, was shot and killed on Thanksgiving by a 13-year-old who accidentally fired a gun while a group of kids were making a video for social media, according to local police" By the time police showed up and tried to revive the boy, he was gone. This is tragic in so many ways. Children will be children, living their youth playing games, most trying to emulate what they see or hear on social media. Video games nowadays can be so detrimental to kids by almost glorifying violence, and providing such graphic scenarios. The details still are sketchy on how the younger boy was killed, but police say the 13-year-old was the shooter.

How did the young teen get a hold of a gun in the first place? What was the video about?

Those questions haven't been answered yet. added "The teen was arrested and is currently in custody at the Hennepin County Juvenile Detention Center, police said. The investigation is ongoing"  It's also been made unclear what kind of video the kids were intending to make. That may bring some more light to this terrible incident if officials find out more about their intentions.

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