You may call it what you wish, some people have their own thoughts and beliefs on religion, hopes, and especially prayers

That's what makes our world go round, here in Bismarck and Mandan we are all accustomed to people who care about one another - I wrote an article last week about a man named Gene Seydel - one of the nicest guys you'll ever come across. He was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident just recently while vacationing in Las Vegas. His injuries were so severe that he is still in the ICU, projected to be there for at least another month.....however

An incredible turnaround in recovery for Gene

A co-worker of his from Century 21 Morrison Reality told me that he was slowly making strides towards communicating with his wife Julia - squeezing her hand while she read to him in the hospital. Prayers were asked and a GOFUNDME page is up and running for anyone that can pitch in what they can to help ease financial worries. Take a look at what Julia posted on her Facebook page just last night:

Julia Seydel Facebook
Julia Seydel Facebook

"1 week difference between 2 pictures
I want to say to all my friends.. hold your loved ones, take care of each other ‼️
You never know what is going to happen next hour, day or week
I love you so much and I’ll be always by your side no matter what Gene Seydel ❤️
I personally believe that the power of prayer, from Bismarck and Mandan, was heard and quickly responded to - Love and faith heal.

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