While the Mandan city commission is working on "vicious dog" legislation, the city of Bismarck has had a reported attack of its own.

MyNDNow.com reports a German Shepherd attack a father and son, walking with their own dog, early Thursday on Pocatello Avenue.

The dog reportedly bit the hand of the father and refused to let go.

The son then took out a knife and killed the shepherd.

The case has gone to the Bismarck City Attorney for review.

To weeks ago a pit bull attacked a woman and a girl in Mandan. Both were treated at a local hospital. Earlier this week, the Mandan city commission met to discuss possible changes in the "vicious dog" laws.

Among the options considered, were euthanasia of the attacking animal, banning it from the city, and restrictions of specific "high risk" breeds.

As mandan continues to debate the issue, it looks like Bismarck may soon start a discussion on their own.

[Source: MyNDNow.com]

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