The coronavirus has made it hard on all of us. Those that have lost their jobs, businesses shutting down temporarily, frustrations are building. When you think of a relaxing weekend, going to the movies, shopping for clothes, doing whatever we normally do, has all come to a halt. Almost everything we have come to taking for granted, has restrictions to it. When schools started closing, and kids were told to stay home, the reality of how dangerous this virus really is, became so apparent.

Since we have started self isolating, hibernating etc, the remarkable thing about people adapting to the situation, to me, is amazing. Local restaurants for instance, offering take out, curb service, staying open the best they can, and still serve Bismarck, and Mandan. School teachers who inspire children to grow and learn, have now found ways to pass on hope. A Solheim fourth grade teacher took it upon herself to share encouraging happy birthday greetings, on a poster, held up high so the kids could see it-and of course she was at least 6 feet away.

The last day those kids were in her classroom was March 12th. No doubt her natural act of love yesterday will be remembered for quite some time. Check out this wonderful teacher.


How does your sign match up with your social distancing habits?

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