Before you think I'm being an alarmist, just imagine yourself being in the middle of this particular gridlock.

There's plenty of roadwork going on in and around Bismarck/Mandan.  We all understand that roads need fixing every now and then. Some are minor inconveniences, and others are legendary clusters.  I'm thinking this project fits in the "legendary" category.  It's happening on Divide Avenue in Bismarck and it's happening right where you're already getting jammed during rush hours.  Remember rush hour? It used to be only during peak go-to-work/get-off-work travel times. Whether it's residuals of the pandemic, or simply a shift in traditional 9-5 work schedules, there's often a million people on the road at 3 PM!  I thought y'all was supposed to be working from HOME?

So where is this soul crushing Divide Avenue demolition taking place?  Well, it's just northwest of the North Dakota State Capital in between 3rd and 4th Streets!  This release came out yesterday from the City of Bismarck.

Divide Avenue Closure, Between 3rd Street and 4th Street

Starting at 8:30AM, Monday, June 14, 2021, Divide Avenue, between 3rd Street and 4th Street will be closed to through traffic. The closure will be for a contractor to do roadway construction.


A Detour will be in place.


Eastbound traffic will be detoured south at Washington Street to Boulevard Ave, then east on Boulevard Avenue to 4th Street, and north on 4th Street back to Divide Avenue.


Westbound traffic will be detoured south on 4th Street to Boulevard Avenue, then west on Boulevard Avenue to Washington Street, and north on Washington Street back to Divide Avenue.


This will be an ongoing project with multiple phases. Traffic will be shifted as needed, please watch for future press releases.


Traffic can expect long delays during this project. This project will impact traffic movements in this area throughout the summer of 2021.


Traffic should plan ahead and use alternate routes, as major delays are anticipated during peak traffic periods.


Your Patience is Greatly Appreciated.

Two parts jump out immediately "closed to through traffic" and "throughout the summer of 2021".   I'm a Highway Department brat, my Dad was with them for over 40 years, so I'm not complaining when roadwork is being done.  But I am explaining, that for your peace of mind now and all summer long, I'm begging you to find an alternate route.  Get a city map and do a feasibility study.  Go out this weekend before the construction begins and test drive sneaky ways to possibly avoid mind-numbing traffic back ups.

It's hard to prepare for any apocalypse, but at least you might be prepared enough to stay sane this summer.

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