Have you ever been in an area and the cell service was less then desirable? My parents live out by Lincoln which is not to far from Bismarck and the cell service out there is horrible. I've had at&t and my parents have Straight Talk and both services have one bar of reception in Lincoln. Copper Ridge development outside Lincoln is just as bad if not worse for cell service.

It's crazy that we can send people to the moon but we can't have good cell service I mean it's 2020 after all. The cell service is not good out by Lincoln especially if you're sending a picture message or checking social media. There are even places along I-94 that the cell service is horrible and a person wouldn't think the cell service wouldn't be bad along I-94 but there's some places that it is.

A few friends of mine are truck drivers and this is their biggest complaint is that I-94 there's a few bad spots which one wouldn't think that there would be along an interstate. There are only a couple spots but I mean it's 2020 we should not be dropping calls anywhere and especially in Lincoln it's only a few miles outside of Bismarck, ND.

Have you ever had bad luck with cell service in your area? If so, where do you live at? We shouldn't have any bad service anywhere but I guess it's a part of life. Hopefully, in the next few years it improves and the cell services get better.


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