cell phones

Verizon Still the Best
If your cell phone provider is not Verizon and you live in North Dakota, you don't have the best coverage. This is not a sales pitch. It's a fact.
What Your Phone Says About YOUR Personality!
What DOES your phone say about you?   Well a mobile phone company did a survey and found that the cell phone you have with you day and night(or at least it seems like we do) will say quite a bit about your personality---ready to see how you and your phone match up??
Ppl Stll Txt & Drve
Texting while driving is a big no-no for me.   It's amazing when I drive around Bismarck how many people are NOT paying attention to their driving, and are busy on their cell phone talking and even texting while driving.   THAT IS INSANE.    In my home state of Washington, you can get a fine of $125…