What DOES your phone say about you?   Well a mobile phone company did a survey and found that the cell phone you have with you day and night(or at least it seems like we do) will say quite a bit about your personality---ready to see how you and your phone match up??


•iPhone owners are really into themselves, and will spend more cash on their looks and appearance then others who have an Android or a BlackBetty.  Usually iPhone owners will consider themselves better looking than those folks with other kinds of phones.

•BlackBerry owners meanwhile earn the most money and will find themselves in a long-term committed relationship---marriage, engaged, etc.   And one odd fact. these folks send and receive more e-mails and texts than do iPhone users.

•And we can't forget those Android users, for some reason, these folks ARE the most polite and seem to have lots of culinary skills(are GOOD in the kitchen).   The survey also found that Android owners drink the most alcohol and love to watch the tube---aka Television. (Daily Mail)

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