In just the last month alone in Burleigh, Cass, and Clay counties, U.S. Marshals corralled up twenty-six domestic violence suspect from the holes they were hiding in.

It was another great grab by the decade old High Plains Fugitive Task Force.  The Bismarck Tribune reports the month long effort was titled "Operation Sanctuary" and was intended to get these alleged abusers off the street and out of the lives of their victims.  Nifty thing about U.S. Marshals, they're equal opportunity arrestors.  While they were cuffing and stuffing the 26 alleged dirt bags, they went and arrested another 52 people on charges like, heroin possession, and attempted murder.

See, your parents were right about the crowd that you keep.

I'v always had a ton of respect for the U.S. Marshals.  Actually it's more like an irrational fear of the U.S. Marshals.  If I thought the FBI, CIA, sheriff, police, and police dogs were all outside my front door, I'd open it up and let them in.  If I knew the US Marshals were at my front door, I'd jump out a second story back window and go shrimp fishing with Forrest Gump in Louisiana.   Marshals are so bad-ass they actually mostly "sponsor" regional task forces like ours.

So who does make up the High Plains Fugitive Task Force?  Glad you asked-

The High Plains Fugitive Task Force is sponsored by the U.S. Marshals Service in the District of North Dakota and includes Task Force Officers from the Cass County Sheriff’s Office, Clay County Sheriff’s Office, West Fargo Police Department, Moorhead Police Department, Fargo Police Department, Burleigh County Sheriff’s Office, Bismarck Police Department, Mandan Police Department, U.S. Border Patrol, Grand Forks Police Department, and the North Dakota National Guard Counterdrug Program.


So, if you're a wanted scumbag woman beating loser...round two is coming for you!  Soon I hope.

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