It's very difficult to be dominant in any sport. But to win a title ten times total and to win that title SEVEN YEARS IN ROW, makes you the GOAT, the Greatest Of All Time, and that ain't no bull. But, Smooth Operator, now that fellow IS a bull. The top bull in the world for the second year in a row.

Headquartered just south of Mandan, Berger Bucking Bulls are recognized worldwide. Chad Berger, family, and crew have once again claimed the title of the top Stock Contractor of the Professional Bull Riders(PBR).  In the 28 year existence of the Professional Bull Riders, Chad Berger Bucking Bulls as won the title of top Stock Contractor of the Year ten times!  His current buckingest bull Smooth Operator, has been awarded the title of World Champion Bull, for the second year in a row.

Chad Berger Bucking Bulls didn't start stacking up their Stock Contractor of the Year awards until 2007, but the Bergers, actually crashed the party in a big way back in 1999.  According to Wikipedia, the legendary Little Yellow Jacket was bred on the Berger ranch by Joe Berger and his son Nevada.  Little Yellow Jacket would win World Champion Bull for THREE straight years from 2002-2004.  When I arrived here in Mandan back in 2001, Little Yellow Jacket was the biggest star in the state.  Going on to being the first critter inducted into the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame back in 2006.

But this is a salute Chad Berger Bucking Bulls and their incredible string of success!  You're making Mandan/Bismarck mighty proud!

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