Every other event would've been rained out but not Bike night.

Thirty-plus bikes and most of the regulars braved the elements last night as Bike night moved indoors at Sickies. While not our usual experience, the night presented its own unique fun and held a different type of energy.  Last night we saw bike enthusiasts mingle with the regular diners at Sickies and it showed how universal the respect is for these people. Here's what we learned:

  1. Kids think Bike Night is fun!
  2. We learned how brave our sponsors were. Jim Bauer XP3.com was in full force and thrived in the intimate setting.
  3. Sickies is prepared for anything. Their new patio area was packed with Bike Night regulars and the trivia contests were a hit. They also have an awesome in house sound system.
  4. Next Bike Night might have a few new faces. A lot of diners were asking about the event and possibly might be attending next week. We hope you come out again!

The rain didn't keep us down, in fact, it allowed us to get more personal with the crowd and staff. That should prove dividends for future Bike Nights. Check out these photos of some of the memories we made last night.

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