As is the case this summer in Bismarck, there were thunderstorms. That didn't stop us though.

It was a night of thunderstorms but unlike the last rainout, a good amount of bikes showed up anyway. The Bike Night event happened indoors at Sickies and like the last rainout, it was packed!

When you do these events indoors, new people get introduced to the event, so we had our fair share of out of towners show up to the event. Here are the highlights:

  • There was a couple coming in from Iowa on their way back from Montana that hung out with us.
  • There were also people visiting from Wisconsin, Mississippi, and Illinois.
  • Most of the regulars were there considering the weather and the Fourth of July holiday.
  • The road warrior Xp3, Jim Bauer Xp3 .com was set up regardless of the weather.

Rain or shine, this week was another memorable Bike Night event.

Bike Night July 3, 2019

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