I am fascinated by certain things here in North Dakota - I'm from California, but I've lived here now for seven and a half years, so I feel like I've come to respect the attitudes and freedoms that some NoDaks express. Laws are different all over the country and wearing a helmet while operating a motorcycle is followed in 14 states - North Dakota is not one of them - although If an operator is under 18, his or her passenger must also wear a helmet, regardless of the passenger's age.

WHY do you choose to wear one?

I just wanted to make something clear, I am not writing this to criticize anyone, whatever their opinions are on this subject - so let me start with a question. When you leave your house to go to work for example, WHY do you wear a helmet? A friend of mine quickly said he does it without even thinking - strictly another item of safety (along with a thick riding jacket), to protect himself in case of any kind of accident. I understand that completely, no matter how defensive you are out on the streets, you can't predict what someone else will do.

WHY do you choose NOT to wear one?

Well, that is the freedom that North Dakota motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy - their rights to be given THEIR choice to ride freely without the constraints of a helmet. I asked a different friend of mine, that attends our Bike Nights, her stance on NOT wearing one. A simple answer was given "It's MY right not to"

I understand both sides

Personally, I don't ride a bike - I do know just how many things can come into play when riders are out and about - weather, blind spots in car's side mirrors, AND I have also observed people zig-zagging in and out of their lanes. Whether you ride wearing a helmet or not - PLEASE put safety first!


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