Think about the millions ( yes, for most of us MILLIONS ) of times you have gone out to eat or rolled through a fast food drive-thru

There you are with your family enjoying a night out at a local restaurant. You took a couple of seconds to pinpoint what you want on the menu, minutes go by and the conversation is going well, hunger building by the minute, and dinner arrives. Everything is spectacular right up until it's not.

Something catches your eye that just doesn't look right

In between bites, something catches your eye, and a signal in your brain shouts out that something is not right. Somewhere out of nowhere, you see what looks like a maggot. This is what someone posted on their Facebook page just recently. I won't mention the name of the customer or the restaurant it came from. Obviously, the first thing this person did was notify the server about this issue, which then resulted in the manager coming by the table. NOW I am aware of just how these things CAN happen, but should they? Heck no.

Reacting to a situation like this isn't easy

"...I refused to pay and the manager said I seen it and it was just a fruit fly…I told her I had a picture and showed her the picture and she said my apologies no charge for anybody but can you delete the picture…I do you a favor and you do me a favor" That conversation played out in the post, and now I ask you this - how would you have reacted to this situation? This post by this person was NOT intended to put a restaurant out of business, nor is this article I am writing. It is quite scary when you think of all the times we take for granted what really is in our food. This actually happens more times than you think, this morning one of our announcers told me he found a long string of hair in the chili he bought.

One more thing

The author of the post on their Facebook page was criticized by one person for putting it on a local group page as well - "Why would you do that for all to read?" --"Why wouldn't you go straight to the manager first?" - That's what this person DID do. Personally, I'm okay with what was shared, and I can certainly tell you this, I'll be a MILLION times more aware from now on.


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