I have to admit I expected the worst from a post on social media today

There is a list somewhere, of certain topics that are taboo to talk about "over dinner" either with a big group of friends or especially relatives. For the most part that rings true for the media. Politics is one of them. This is highly volatile sometimes when you have two completely opposite opinions. Now social media on the other hand is pretty much an "open game" - I'll give you an example in a second. Getting back to the political arena, there will be some people who will not, and can not budge in their republican and democrat ways. Most people can be somewhat civil when they are discussing topics, but there is always potential hidden danger, bottom line is don't try and change others.

Religion, faith

This is another delicate one, but it is not to be treated with disrespect. Our country gives us the freedom to practice and live by whatever we believe in. You HAVE to give that major consideration if that comes into play on the radio. Now here is what I'm getting at, just today on a local Facebook group page, someone asked a simple question, one that grabbed my attention right away. This person asked BisMan for "recommendations for a non-denominational Christain Church, that is FILLED with the Holy Spirit" -uh oh I thought before I started reading the 90+ comments, here come the hate, insults, smart-aleck remarks - Guess what, there weren't any. They all listed their favorite place that brings them joy, and peace. That made my day. Bismarck and Mandan people opened their hearts and delivered.....isn't that what life is all about?


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