If you're from my generation, or at least no more than twice removed, you grew up on a bike...


Or being envious of other people's bikes...


This week you could be the parent, grandparent, godparent, aunt, uncle, or friendly neighbor that gets a free bike for your favorite kiddo!

Thanks to the pandemic, the El Zagal Shrine of Bismarck, has kid's bikes that they would have given away during their annual Shrine Circus. You probably know the drill, while at the circus, you as a parent/guardian are required by the whiny child, to buy a candy bar during intermission, in hopes that your bar contains the golden ticket that will get your favorite kiddo on the back of a brand new bike!  It rarely works, but who cares?  The kid got a candy bar and learned an important lesson about shattered expectations.

Well this week, in the comfort of your own home, and free of that elephant poop smell, you can register to win one of twenty $100 certificates to Walmart towards the purchase of a kid's bike and bike accessories. So you can take a shot at being the hero without the kid's soul-crushing life lesson of learning how to lose. They'll never know!

That sounds dramatic, but seriously, all you need to do is find Veracity Motors on Facebook.  There, you'll find a link to register for the 20 free bike giveaway we'll be announcing this Saturday during a four radio station broadcast we're doing from Veracity Motors, 1701 East Main in Bismarck.  You can enter once per day until midnight this Friday night. BUT, you can also register in person at Veracity, including getting those last minute entries in at Veracity on Saturday morning.

Want to be a hero? Than register for a free bike!  Find Veracity Motors on Facebook or go to VeracityMotors.com/contests.  Hopefully, our four Townsquare Radio Stations can find your entry this Saturday, and your favorite kid can grab a piece of those summer biking memories that you and I still cherish today.

Man, that got pretty profound...but my childhood bike had those twisty handlebars and a banana rally seat. It was pretty darn cool y'all.

Good luck!

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