It's good in the neighborhood as Applebee's does it again with cheap drink specials and now the restaurant-bar is offering an Oktoberfest beer special.

The whole thing started back in 2017 when Applebee's debuted the $1 margaritas which they penned Dollaritas. Very cleaver and this promotion seemed to catch on. Since then, the eatery has featured buck and two-buck monthly drink specials.

Applebee's debuted the $1 Long Island Ice Tea and the $2 vodka lemonade during the summer months. Very clever, get them in to drink at cheap prices and most people will stay for a meal and appetizer. If you think about it, it's a very start idea to get people into the restaurant.

Hold on to your stein as the new promotion is $2 Samuel Adams for OctoberFest. Applebee's feels this beer is a great kick off to the fall season.

You will want to note the size of the draft though. Depending on location, the $2 draft brews are served in what seems to be a 10-ounce mug. Nevertheless, still not a bad gimmick to get you in the door.

We called the north side Bismarck location of Applebee's for confirmation.

I'd say thinks are good in the neighborhood! Nice job Applebee's! Please save my barstool.





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