When it comes to dating in North Dakota, it turns out we're pretty easy to please. It's extremely cheap to go on a date in our state (that rhymed unintentionally).

It doesn't matter whether you're meeting people in the real world or on Tinder, Bumble, etc., North Dakota is the second cheapest state in the country to go on a date. Match.com recently conducted a survey involving their 'Singles in America.' Further data from their survey revealed that the average date in the U.S. costs $102.32. North Dakota average date cost is less than half that price.

This average date used by Match includes consisting of dinner for two, a bottle of wine and two movie tickets. In North Dakota, the average date price is $42.43. Only South Dakota has a cheaper average date price at $38.27. Based on this, dating is cheap to do in the Dakotas.

You may be skeptical of that statistic. Only $42.43 to go on a date? My average bar tab is higher than that price. Potential drinking problems aside, dinner for two, a bottle of wine, and two movie tickets should cost more than just over $40 unless dinner is Ramen noodles, the bottle of wine is Boone's Farm, and the two movie tickets are actually just the price of your monthly subscription to Netflix.

However, if we go by this statistic, let's be grateful that we're not in New York where the average price to go on a date is $297.27. To find out how much the average date is around the rest of the country, click here.

Therefore, if you're single in North Dakota and you need one more characteristic to add to your online dating profile, go ahead and put down 'I'm a cheap date.'

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