Have you seen the movie "Forrest Gump"? Remember when Forrest was running across the state, his full beard and all. He wasn't sure why he was trotting all over the place, but he kept moving forward - until one day he stopped. Not quite sure what if any there was a lesson to that part of the movie. Lately, you may have had a Deja moment, here in Bismarck. One day just recently you were out and about driving along a side street, and there she was, jogging. Two days later, the SAME jogger on a completely different street - YES that is the same person you saw putting in some road work, her name is Jess Paulsen. She has an unusual yet somewhat modest goal, I'll get to that in a minute. She trains about four or five times a week, a speedster she is not, but that's not important at all. The reason WHY you may have seen her in different areas around town - because she wants to run EVERY street in town. How about that? I mean, even the great Olympic Gold medal marathon winners in the past have never sought out to plant their Nike's on every block of their town.

My new hero is Jess, modestly training for her health of course, and to give back, so to speak, to the city she loves so much - Bismarck. When you come across her at the stoplight, honk and wave your support to our marathon woman! For more on this story, you can check it out here.


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