You might have missed this, but it looks like Bismarck Motor Company's new location is now open.

Where is it?

The new dealership is located on Main Street and is called Hyundai of Mandan.

The business made a post to its Facebook page about a week ago (August 29th 2022) announcing the opening of the new store. Take a look at it:

Fun & Funny Comments

Looking through the comments of the post, it seems people are pretty happy about the new addition. I have to point out one woman's comment. She said "Too bad you didn't include that handsome dreamboat of a man from Honda in these pics." -- I'm not sure who this woman is referring to, but I would love the mustache man to come forward. Show yourself, sir.


Vroom Vroom

Now we have more pretty cars to look at. If you're like me, you may just be window shopping, but one day, maybe you'll get a shiny new hunk of steel from this state-of-the-art dealership.

We Love Options

If you're like me you like to shop around, and make sure you're getting the best deals. Not only that, but we love convenience. Before I moved to North Dakota, I had to drive 20 minutes to get anywhere. Now that I've been living in Bismarck for 3 years, if it takes me longer than 10 minutes to get somewhere, I start griping. -- First world problems, I know. In any case, if we can find somewhere a little closer to home, it's always a nice time-saver. For those of us residing in Mandan, here you go. Enjoy!


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