Blaine Clooten has gained a lot of support from the community as the search is still on for his beloved dog, Mocha. 

Mocha is a German Short Hair Pointer. He escaped through an open door in North Bismarck on January 1st. Mocha was seen in Haycreek Court, Century Ave and 19th St. It is believed he was last seen around midnight near the North Walmart.

Mocha has a brown head with a white stripe down the nose and a brown and white mixed body. He has a blue nylon collar with his name on it, including Clooten's information.

It is important to find Mocha as soon as possible, especially with these dangerously cold temperatures.

DO NOT chase Mocha if you spot him. Please call Clooten, 701-426-6459, as soon as possible. You can follow the 'Bring Mocha Home' Facebook page for updates.

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