I may or may not have had many a Hutterite chicken.  If I have, I may be guilty of dealing with a alleged fringe tax evading group of independent government insurrectionists that both the United States and Canada love to persecute.  See the persecution when ya click here.

Hutterites fought the law and the law won?

I've heard from a friend that they have huge birds that are more like turkeys than your standard store chicken.  But, that's all just hearsay...because the Hutterite's are probably still on the persecution list.

We generally have a view of Hutterite Colonies as hugely successful in economic terms. However, it is not unknown for a colony to have difficulty as is illustrated in the Bankruptcy case of Cloverleaf Farmer's Co‑Operative.[77] What makes the case interesting is that simply because so many of the families on the colony were related to each other, the colony actually fit the definition of a family farm as defined in the Bankruptcy Code in regard to its bankruptcy reorganization scheme. The other point to make is that the application for review by the court was not instituted by the colony but by the Small Business Administration as a creditor of the colony.

In North Dakota there are nothing but 5 star reviews for Willowbank Colony Edgeley, Spruce Lane Colony Farm Hillsboro, Sundale Colony Shop Milnor, Forest River Colony Fordville, and more. Maybe people are just appreciating Hutterites in their reviews. Most likely it's all about chicken.

I know nothing about the Hutterites, least of all buying big ol' breasty birds and sensational smoked chicks as well.  But if I did...I'd suggest you try to find you some so you could maybe hook me up.

By the way, one of the largest chicken producers in the United States just paid a $107 million dollar criminal fine for price fixin' chicken.  More corporate company chicken heads to get twisted soon in the days to come.  So for the crimes of the so-called "Pilgrim's Pride"  chicken corporation, at least one "pilgrim" type group never sold out.  Unless of course there was a run on Hutterite chickens.  Then you have to wait for the next round.

North Dakota, grilling season's not too far away.

One more thing...the baby chicks are in the tubs at Runnings so bring the kids!

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