If you're planning a party for the FCS Championship Game on Saturday, January 9th, you're going to want to make sure you have a lot of chicken ready.

The folks over at DirecTV recently collected data from Instagram to determine the most popular game day foods in every state and, according to their findings, North Dakotans love chicken!

North Dakotans aren't the only ones who love chicken, though. It was also the top game day food in Iowa and Oklahoma, while fried chicken was tops in New York and Virginia.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that burgers, pizza, and hot dogs topped the list for a lot of other states. Some states, however, had some less than traditional game day favorites, including:

  • Arkansas - Pancakes
  • Montana - Eggs Benedict
  • Utah - Pumpkin

Seriously, Utah? Pumpkin? Sure, your state isn't known for its football, but, come on!

Even worse than pumpkin on game day? States like South Dakota and Florida, who prefer vegan snacks. Vegetables on game day? No, thank you!

See what your state's favorite game day food is HERE.

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