North Dakota's ONLY roller coaster is opening this Thursday! Super Slide Amusement Park has made the announcement on their Facebook page.  Located in Sertoma Park right here in Bismarck, Runaway Train is the only rollar coaster in the state!

Full disclosure, Runaway Train looks nothing like my cover story picture-but that picture looked a lot cooler than this one.

Scott McGowan
Scott McGowan

Now that's only because it was closed when I stopped by.  For a full breakdown of the Runaway Train roller coaster, let me refer you to a Cool 98.7 article from 2017.  The ride is 18 feet at it's highest point and reaches a max speed of 25 miles per hour.

But with the ND State Fair cancelled and many County Fairs cancelling or postponing let me just say this- FIND ANOTHER ONE!  So, we here in Bismarck can expect thrill seekers from across the region to come here to ride the Runaway Train!

But, the thrills don't stop there...there's Super Slide's Ferris wheel too!


I've got a story about this Ferris wheel.  I was escorting a friend of mine's 90 year old grandmother over to meet the rest of her family at the ride.  Walking down the path she was telling me how she was going on the ride. Met up with the family and I proclaimed "Grandma's going on!" At that point she denied ever having said it and dropped me like a sack of potatoes.  She's 103 now and I'm still plotting my revenge.

There's a bunch more to do at Super Slide Amusement Park including

  • Carousel
  • Tea Cups
  • Mini Golf
  • Bumper Cars
  • Critter Track
  • Batting Cages

and of course THE SUPER SLIDE!!:

Scott McGowan
Scott McGowan

Waayyy more fun inside the fence.  Seriously check out pictures here.

It's opening Thursday May we just need to get a Zipper amusement ride and Darryl's Racing Pigs from the State Fair..along with a Tubby's burger.

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