You would think I traveled far into the future and brought that MAGA-VAN picture back. It looks like it's been there for years.  Nope I took the shot this afternoon in Bismarck.

You would think I traveled to an alternative Bismarck dimension and brought this picture back.  Nope, I took that shot in September. The elusive Biden sign.

McGowan Takes A Picture
McGowan Takes A Picture

So, I know the Biden sign has been taken down.  They probably plan to reuse it in 2024.  Not sure if the MAGA-VAN is technically a "sign" but it probably is...not sure the van will mechanically make the trip to 2024...but it probably will.

So how long after an election can you keep your political signs up in Bismarck?


Well, thanks to a City Ordinance adopted back in July of 2020...

You can keep them up as long as you like.

And when it comes to all those F*** Biden flags? From the same article...

The city also cannot tell you what you can and cannot post on flags you hang on your property.

But try to have a little class OK?

I don't see many signs still around town, but in Northern Minnesota the FIGHT IS ON!  MPR News has the story as it keeps heating up

Tom Eaton is the part-time zoning administrator in the northern Minnesota city of Baudette, and he's started an uproar in town after ordering residents to remove their political signs and flags.

This poor putz is the guy holding up the law stating the signs need to come down 10 days following an election ...he's being met with pretty strong resistance from those are not willing to take down their signs.  This is the red Minnesota North not the blue Minneapolis South, If Tom keeps this up he may end up sleeping with the mooses.

Maybe the Mayor can help him out on this one...

After receiving a few complaints, Eaton sent warning letters to 28 people, all with Trump signs or flags in the town of about 1,000 people. Five refused to comply, including Mayor Rick Rone who has a Trump flag on his house.

Like in Bismarck, Baudette should strongly visit changing that ordinance so a poor putz like Tom can still go down to the City Bar and get him a cold Hamms without having to worry about getting dumped in a swamp.

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