Here's one that's close to my heart...the possibility of once again shutting down Assisted Living Facilities to visitors.

I call 'em nursing homes, but there's apparently more going on then "nursing", so I'll stick with assisted living.  I did not have family members sequestered in assisted living during the pandemic and I can't imagine the emotional roller coaster that was involved. My father was in the hospital during the pandemic and the "goal" was to get him out of his room and in to a swing bed unit.

You will once again be placing your beloved family members in a fortress you can not enter.

There was no way I wanted my dying father placed in a unit where our family could not be with him.  Not for one minute. He passed away in the hospital which would have been his wish and I believe he made that happen.

So, I'll give full support for those assisted living employees that believe it is their choice to get vaccinated.  I'll fully support those that maintain that getting the vaccination does not protect you from being a "carrier".

Those are your rights...exercise them somewhere else.

There has to be some kind of obvious understanding that we can all agree on- vaccinated people are less likely to pass on the virus because they're less likely to  contract the virus and stress the system.

So that's my line here- if you want the doors closed once again on your loved ones, than go ahead and berate the over-reach of the corporate overlords and the federal government but I pray your loved ones won't have to die alone.

Biden's Federal Government now requiring vaccination for assisted living employees or they will withhold Medicare/Medicade funding- that link is here.

The American Medical Association is in support of assisted living employee vaccinations. That link is here.

The AARP shows that assisted living is far behind in vaccinations.  That link here.

Missouri Slope in Bismarck jumped the gun and beat out the Federal mandate by announcing their own one day's the link for that.

You want your family to spend their final days in lockdown? If we could somehow avoid that...shouldn't we?

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