In some ways, Bismarck may not be so patriotic. However, in other ways, Bismarck shows its love of America. The people of Bismarck sure love American cars.

The car website Edmunds, opted to highlight cities across the country that love the U.S. based on domestic vehicle registrations.

Not surprisingly, out of the top ten cities, cities in Michigan took six spots on the list. But the Minot-Bismarck-Dickinson area also made the list securing the No. 8 spot.

According to Edmunds, 73% of the registered vehicles in that 3 city metro area are American-made cars.

Here is the full top ten:

ALPENA (Mich.)91.8%
GLENDIVE (Mont.)85.3%
DETROIT (Mich.)84.3%
MARQUETTE (Mich.)74.3%
LANSING (Mich.)73.2%
GREAT FALLS (Mont.)72.6%
SIOUX CITY (Iowa)71.3%

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