Well I know what movie I want to see next, I saw the trailer just a second ago - "Let Him Go" - wow with a terrific cast. Heavy hitters like Kevin Costner, Diane Lane star in this movie that has a major hometown connection. Larry Watson is the author of  "Let Him Go", he grew up right here in Bismarck, as a matter of fact, he recently told KFYR TV  that he drew on his childhood experiences to write the novel. The movie follows an older couple living in Montana in the early 60s' concerned about their grandson living in North Dakota. Watson was able to portray just how tough it is living through rough conditions, during that time period out on the Northern Plains, and how emotions were so guarded. “People believe in self-reliance, and yet life can be so hard there and people are often so isolated that they need help from their neighbors and so there’s that bit of tension,”  Watson revealed.

A University of North Dakota grad, he explained how his book became an idea for a full-fledged movie. A director by the name of Thomas Bezucha got a hold of Watson about five years ago to ask him about playing out the book on a big screen. The vision was the same for both of the men, and the movie was made. "Let Him Go" just came out the film made about $4.1 million across 2,454 theaters in its opening weekend. Judging by watching the trailer, the movie is laced with tensions, and struggle and the feelings that I felt were like I was sitting through "something waiting to erupt at any second" -  For the first time since I can't remember when -  I am really forward to seeing this movie. I enclosed the same trailer that I watched.


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