Well, after yet another North Dakota blizzard has shut down much of North Dakota, there's one question that's on everybody's mind.

Did we just break the all-time snowfall record for the season in Bismarck, North Dakota?

I just got off the phone with Alex from the National Weather Service in Bismarck and we received 4.2 inches of snow as of 7 am on April 5th.  That means we are at 99.6 inches of snow, EXACTLY 2.0 inches short of the all-time record of 101.6 inches of snow set back in the winter season of 1996-97.

We still have plenty of snow potential left to break this record right?

It's still lightly snowing at the time of this article on Wednesday morning, April 5th, so I'm guessing we will pick up another 1/2 inch to add to the total.  However, that will still leave us short of the record by an inch plus.

Looking at the long-range weather forecast for April, it's possible we could see some snow, but we have a lot of 50-degree temps coming our way starting on Easter Sunday.  We do have several precipitation chances, and if they happen at night, we certainly could pick up an inch or two of snow.

Even May can bring snow for us in North Dakota.

I remember last year on the 3rd weekend of May, we saw a little bit of snow on my son's graduation party, so it's very possible.

We're so close to the all-time record, that I think most of us want to be a part of history.  You would think we could see a couple of inches of snow in the next month and a 1/2 but until then, enjoy the 50-degree-plus temps coming our way.  Look at this long-range forecast for April.  That is going to feel good after this winter!

Accuweather Screenshot
Accuweather Screenshot

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