There is one question that I have heard a zillion times. The answers to it always amaze me. About 99% of people who are put to the test are usually asked this after they win like the Zillion dollar lottery. "If you won the lottery, would you quit your job tomorrow?" Now I don't have any accurate results to that last bit of pondering, but most people I know immediately say "Heck yeah".

There is a gentleman living in Bismarck, I have never met him, but I would bet "The Farm" (whatever that means) that Dan Schelske would be one of the very few that would keep showing up for work, for his track record speaks for himself. According to KFYRTV, he has spent 38 years of his life as a ranger for the North Dakota Parks and Recreation. Yes, textbook dedication with a capital "D". There is a time for all great things to come to an end, and Schelske retired just this past Monday.

It all started with a simple visit during the summer, and he was hooked, a long wonderful career began. One can only imagine the flood of memories that will stay with him forever. He will be missed, and HE in return will quite often remember wonderful moments - ”One of the things I loved so much about being here was the early mornings. I get up, cruise around the park, look at the beautiful scenery, look at the history (and) the culture,”

Like all great traditions, this story has one - his son Tyler has already continued in his footsteps as an assistant manager and ranger at Fort Stevenson in Garrison. 


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