This was bound to happen eventually

Social Media can twist and turn anything and make it controversial. This is what has happened with the North Dakota Department Of Health, so much so, that according to KFYRTV  "... announced Monday (yesterday) that it will turn off comments and replies on posts on its four primary social media accounts. This action is being taken to curtail the spread of misinformation being attached to the agency’s posts via comments and replies,”

Say what you want, think what you want, but you'll get no reply

This form of action by the North Dakota Department Of Health began this morning. Here is what they posted on their Facebook page yesterday:

I can understand completely their decision to go through with this.

Everyone has some kind of opinion of whether you should be vaccinated or not

Once again the vehicle of Social Media allows people to say what they feel about something so controversial as getting vaccinated or not. Some will spew out false information on the evils of getting the shot. Who knows WHERE they got their so-called statistics or stories on WHY people need to comply. The keyword to the previous sentence was COMPLY, and that's what sets people off as well, for they believe that it is their own choice whether they get vaccinated or not, and NOBODY should tell them they HAVE to. This is why I believe that the ND Department of Health has gone silent, to try and stop those who go on their social media sites and upset others.

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