Wachter Middle School kids and teachers will be doing something special Friday, September 16th. The school will have a "Buddy Walk" tomorrow afternoon at 1:30pm at the middle school.


What Is A Buddy Walk?

It's a "Designer Genes Buddy Walk" -- a national event, that they are bringing to the Bismarck community. Faculty and students of Wachter Middle School will walk three laps around the track in support of down syndrome.

There will also a city-wide Buddy Walk; it will be the 19th walk to take place at the North Dakota State Capitol grounds. It is set to take place later this month, on the 24th. If you didn't know, the biggest/central walk is hosted in Washington D.C. at our nation's Capital.


The Goal

No, I'm not talking about a distance or time goal, I'm talking about the existential goal. The idea behind the walk is to spread awareness, inclusion and acceptance for people in our community who have Down Syndrome and other disabilities.

Why 3 Laps?

There's actually a very specific reason they chose this number. You might be surprised to learn that the three laps represent the 3 copies of chromosome 21 in Down Syndrome. Most people only have two of these chromosomes.

Kids Showing Support

It's really heartwarming, not only that this is happening in our community, but that young kids are happy and eager to take part in it. It's truly something special to see youth so passionate about spreading awareness and inclusion.

The money raised by the school's various events related to the cause is going to the Designer Genes of North Dakota Association.

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