A local soup kitchen has seen its volunteer numbers dwindle in recent weeks and is seeking help so it can remain open during the summer months.

Heaven's Helpers Soup Cafe operates as a free-of-charge kitchen and serves people in need in the Bismarck area. The kitchen, located at 220 N. 23rd St. in Bismarck, provides a valuable service to the community, but its operation is reliant on volunteers. Those have been hard to come by as the summer months start approaching, a time of year when nicer weather and vacations can lure away those who might sacrifice their time during other parts of the year.

“As soon as the warm weather hit, all of our volunteers just went whoosh, they’re out enjoying North Dakota,” founder and executive director Mark Meier told the Bismarck Tribune. “We need about 28 volunteers every day just to be able to make this run.”

Volunteers at Heaven's Helper sign up for two hour shifts, where they provide assistance doing a series of tasks that could range from cooking, prepping, serving, washing dishes and more.

Heaven's Helpers has been open since 2009, and recently changed locations in 2018. Without an influx of volunteers, the kitchen would have to scale back its service options, which would include eliminating dinner hours, where they have been struggling to get volunteers.

If you'd like more information on how you can help, visit soupcafe.org, contact mark@soupcafe.org or call at 701-751-SOUP.

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