It's called perception and it's pretty unique. 

Perception is a new Attraction in Medora that is a house with optical illusions. Characteristics like a slanted floor, crooked stairs and weird sideways rooms are there to actually teach a lesson.

The overall goal is to illustrate that perception by people differs from person to person.  I don't know if it will catch on overall with the Tourism in Medora but it definitely seems like something else to do there.

Bill Sorenson is the founder and here's what he had to say to KFYRTV:

Things aren't always as we think they are, and we only learn things through what we see and what we feel, and that can be fooled. The brain has difficulty with that, and it's a good idea for us to know that we're not always right on what we think we see and it's a good idea to know that other people can look at the same things and have a totally different perception," said Bill Sorenson, founder.

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