The recent suicide of a Bismarck teenager has sparked a discussion about suicide prevention.

KXMB News reports the twelve year-old, who died last month, had left a number of message on social media about being bullied.

Members of the student's say "she had a tough life; she was bullied at school and living in a foster home."

"It wasn't just bullying, but there was home problems to and growing up it was a tough situation. If I would've gotten a hold of her and told her that her dad's going to be home soon within the end of this month, I think it would've probably changed her mind and everything on this outcome," said a family member.

The family says they hope the girl's death will encourage conversation among families about suicide.

As KX News reports, "they shared the story and the crushing blow suicide caused for their family to make people aware and prevent other tragedies."

Information and resources are available here.



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