Well, it's been a while since I graduated high school, that's no secret. Looking back at how things were, I hated school. I found a hard time staying alert, I didn't apply myself for one simple reason - I wasn't inspired by anyone or anything. That probably isn't that rare that students just drift by with zero motivation. I'm pretty confident however if I had a teacher like Wade Curren my attitude would have changed immediately. KFYR TV had a chance to check out this Wachter Middle School Science genius. Wade's goal was to teach his class chemical reaction. He knows just how tough and trying this year has been for teachers, parents, and of course the students. The kids have had to adapt from our old traditional ways of going to school, to this year's crazy alternative. “This year it’s been a challenge,” said Curren. “The hybrid schedule has not been easy. These kids have stepped up to the challenge.”

One of the things he loves, of course, is teaching science to his eighth-grade class - his lessons go beyond tests and discussions. And every few years, he does an experiment that literally blows up. This is where he shows everyone how he creates a chemical reaction with calcium carbide and water. “The reaction produces calcium hydroxide,” he explained. “It’s the gas that I’m igniting. You have to be careful not to wait too long so you don’t build up too much gas.”

The video at the end of this story is worth watching - Wade uses a Halloween pumpkin all carved out, and explains what he is doing step-by-step. The end results produced heartbeats young and old to beat faster. Check out the story and the video yourself by clicking here.




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