If you get in a traffic jam today, it might be because there is snow cleanup going on in town!

It is my third year living in Bismarck and it has by far been the worst winter I have spent here (not to complain, I actually like the cold). But the snow and ice have been terrible, making roads slippery and limiting visibility. Well, on this beautiful day, there is some snow cleanup going on around town.

The snow cleanup operation caused a traffic jam near on Bismarck Expressway near the mall.

Today, after I met my friend for lunch downtown, I needed to do my Target drive-up and pick up the take and bake pizzas I ordered. I figured there would be a little bit of lunchtime traffic, but I did not expect a full-on traffic jam! But that is exactly what was happening on Bismarck Expressway, near the mall, around 1:45 this afternoon. I noticed that something was going on when I got stuck in the lane turning right onto Expressway from 7th Street.


I was stuck behind a huge truck so I could not see what was happening pretty much up until I came across the massive trucks and tractor picking up snow in the right-hand lane on Expressway. So, yeah, it took a while for the lunchtime traffic to maneuver around all the vehicles.

Even though I was annoyed to sit in traffic when I was trying to get stuff done, I am happy that there is some cleanup going on. The city needs it bad and the weather is finally not horrible.

Have you experienced any snow removal traffic jams in Bismarck-Mandan today?

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