When I accepted a job in Fargo about 6 years ago, the first reaction from many of my friends was "Uh oh, there are a ton of drunks who live in North Dakota" - my first thought to myself was "Well how in the heck would you know that?"  ( Since we lived in San Diego at the time ) Then they would continue on "Yeah, nothing to do out there when it's 500 degrees below o but to stay inside and drink". Now that is logic I could understand. But Fargo, Minot, and Bismarck are all like cities around the United States that have bars, restaurants, and stores providing alcohol, just like San Diego. So I never have experienced the so-called myth that everyone drinks out here in the frozen tundra. However, now that the coronavirus has been a thorn in our side since March do people drink more at home? Some new data has come out from the Rand Corporation that might surprise you.

KFYR reports that the information gathered from Rand shows that the consumption of alcohol has risen - which doesn't seem startling one bit, but the crazy part is that the data shown from the high numbers collected are that women are drinking more. A national survey conducted in the spring found that the overall frequency of drinking was up 19 percent from the previous year. But, perhaps even more troubling, women increased their heavy drinking by 41-percent.

With so many people confined to their home, either under quarantine or simply just working from home ( and not wanting to go anywhere ) the lure of alcohol is strong, and doctors have said that those who drink too much are at risk for their immune systems being so weak. For more on this story click here.


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