I assume there aren't very many people who actually "live in a cave", or "under a rock", yet that is the most popular question that comes to mind when someone may blurt out "I've never heard of Big Boy". Now let's all take a second and explore some of America's signature sights - The majestic Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Mount Rushmore, and of course the enthusiastic Big Boy! For 83 years Big Boy has been high-stepping it in his red and white checkered overalls, a huge grin on his face knowing that millions of Americans have been dining on his double-decker cheeseburger - Good old fashioned tradition! Well, all of that changed starting this morning - just recently a promotional campaign began announcing the release of Big Boy's new fried chicken sandwich, they also hinted that the restaurant chain's beloved mascot could be disappearing. Say "Hello" to Dolly, she has replaced the beloved statue, although Big Boy's name will stay the same. I was wondering how people would take the news once they read about it, or good grief, the sight of their new look. I decided to give Bismarck's very own BB eatery a call, an exasperated but polite young lady answered. I started mentioning the whole Dolly deal, and she quickly passed the torch ( phone ) to another gentleman muttering "Someone's calling about Dolly again". I simply wanted to know if Big Boy was at his perch or not. "This whole thing is a corporate decision, not ours - He's still here!". I thanked him for his time and hung up, wondering if Big Boy's grin is even wider now, here in Bismarck. For more on this click here.


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